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Are you ready to
rediscover happiness?

Hypnotherapy is proven to be more successful
than traditional methods of behavioural therapy
and psychotherapy, from the very first session. 
Happy Bride

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your life? Are you always hoping something in the future will give you happiness? Do you chase pleasure, only to find that it doesn't provide lasting satisfaction? This was me. It took achieving great success in my life to become disillusioned with trying to find happiness from outside sources. 

If this sounds like you and you're open to something different, then I invite you to sit down and talk with me. If you're wiling, together we can examine your unconscious patterns and strategies that aren't working. Once they become conscious, there is an opportunity to stop and find the happiness that is already here. This opportunity allows you to finally shift your focus from what doesn't work and what's wrong to what you love. The possibility within this is to go from living a life of suffering to a life of fulfillment

What Clients say

"It was my first time ever seeking professional help & it went much better than I expected it to go. 

By the end of the session, I felt like a lot of weight was removed from my shoulder and I was happy with that. VERY positive experience & thank you for all the help!"

~Joe J.

"I've never been the type of person to speak to anybody in regards to my feelings and emotions, until I decided to do a session with Jonas. Since the first session with him I have became more aware of my feelings and emotions and has helped out in all aspects in life. Jonas is a great person who is there to listen and understand the feelings and emotions that I currently go through. Thank you for always being there when I need to talk to someone."

~Vahe B.


Jonas Oliver is a registered advanced clinical hypnotherapist, in Toronto, Canada.

Rediscovering Happiness is available worldwide, via Zoom.

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