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"A primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it"
~Eckhart Tolle

Now, more than ever, we are confronted by difficulty in the world. The question is how to be happy when life is challenging you?


Most people have experienced happiness at one point in their lives. We just tend to develop patterns of unnecessary suffering along the way. Together, we can investigate into the areas of your life where these different patterns and habits are unconsciously running. 


Most people tend to live in their minds. This can lead to overthinking and analyzing, which produces symptoms of stress, anxiety, excessive worry, loss of sleep, loss of appetite, fatigue, head and other body aches, etc. It’s also common for people to live in anger, blame, and judgement, all of which are on the surface. Doing this is subconsciously avoiding what’s going on at a deeper level. 


By exploring what is going on a deeper level, you will have the opportunity to get out of your head. That way, you can stop running habitual patterns that are not working in your life. From there, you can start to trust your own innate wisdom. You can experience the freedom to be yourself in relationships, at work, with family and loved ones.


I spent many years running from my fears and chasing pleasures as a coping mechanism. This never got me the lasting fulfillment I craved. Even finding success in work, relationships and health did not fill the hole I felt. I still never truly felt seen, heard and understood. After trying several traditional methods to "cure" myself, it was hypnotherapy sessions where I finally experienced true happiness.

I realized my life's purpose is not only to be authentically happy, but to support others to be happy as well. I pursued my passion and received certification through the Leela School to become an advanced clinical hypnotherapist to help others who feel stuck like I did and are ready to see real change. That is how Rediscovering Happiness came to life.

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