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Image by Molly McTater


I come from a complex family of four boys and parents married for over 40 years. I reside in Toronto, Canada, with my wife, our dog and two cats. I have worked for my family jewellery business for fifteen plus years, working my way from the bottom to managing a large team of staff. I helped expand the business from one location to six.

Although success has been rewarding, my thoughts and feelings about life and myself were negative for most of my life. I relied on self medicating through drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food and gambling. I finally reached out and tried traditional psychiatry, which involved discussing my problems, but it never went anywhere nor lasting progress was felt. My psychiatrist was also very quick to put me on antidepressants, which did not work for me. I even tried other self development programs, which provided me with great tools, but once again, no long term change.

I read "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle and it led me down a spiritual path to have the direct realization: I am not my thoughts. This was the beginning of a powerful transition, but I knew I needed a teacher to guide me on my journey of awakening. I found a spiritual teacher named Lisa; she transmitted silence and love and I felt a bliss that I had never felt before. I admired her ability to support and guide me into the experience of peace that is always here. Through this, I had finally found the happiness I had been unsuccessfully searching for my entire life. I learnt how to take responsibility for myself. I now find myself with a healthier and more mature outlook on life. The sessions had such a powerful effect on me that I was inspired to do the same work. It got me thinking, how many others are out there suffering and looking for an answer, just as I was? How can I help them the way Lisa was helping me?

It turned out that Lisa was more than just a spiritual teacher; she taught hypnotherapy at the Leela School. I followed in her footsteps and received certification as a clinical hypnotherapist from the Leela School in Ashland, Oregon.

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